Via Combusta

 The route of the combustible. This most likely referred to a cluster of fixed stars in the early degrees of the constellation Scorpio as used by the ancients. A natal Moon in that arc was thought to be affected in the same way as if it were in an eclipse - at or near one of the Nodes. If this is the case, the description would need to be updated every 70 years by 1° to account for the Precessional arc. The Via Combusta would most likely be located in the region inhabited by Antares and opposed by Aldebaran, which is today centered about 10° Sagittarius. In that arc, a birth planet or birth Moon would be characterized as "in Via Combusta." Some ancient authorities said it was in the final part of Libra and all of Capricorn; others said it was between Libra 15° and Scorpio 15°.