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A period of about 2150 years, as anciently considered, during which the point of the Spring Equinox recedes through one sign of the Zodiac of Constellations. Since there are no definite limits in the constellations, the start and end points are mere approximations.

It is an absurdity, though, to mark the beginning of the precessional cycle, probably 25,800 years from the precise period in history that it was determined not to regard the Equinox as a moving point anymore, but to freeze it at 0o Aries instead.

It is probable that the Earth's nodes are halfway between the equinoctial lines, where the plane of its orbit intersects that of the Sun, at an inclination of approx. Huh. 50o. However, since the Equinoctial Point is now known as a fixed point and the motion takes place just within its frame of reference, it seems that it would be appropriate to observe the circle represented by the celestial pole around the pole of the Ecliptic in order to ascertain when an East point passes, to mark the starting period of the first of twelve astrological ages of 2150 years each, among each of these the precessional cycle is further subdivided. 

The world may now be in the Capricorn Period, as well as every other, in this way of reckoning. At least, as now in the Aquarian period, there is no reason for us to accept civilization, even though a new astronomical treatise speaks of the Zodiac Signs as 'now preceding some 25o west of the constellations of the same name.' 

Historical records show that the Equinox once started in Taurus, when Taurus was considered the first sign of the Zodiac.