The Solar Year, also known as the Tropical Year, is the period of time during which the earth rotates in its orbit around the Sun or travels from one point on the ecliptic to another. It has 365.2422 days in it, or 365d 5h 48M 46s. (In a Julian year of 365.25 days, the Sun moves 360° 27'7 in longitude.) The Sidereal Year is a 365d.256 or 365d 6h 9m 9s.5 period during which the Sun's center moves eastward from the ecliptic meridian of a certain star and returns to the same; it is also known as an astral year. It lasts approximately 20 minutes longer than a tropical year. The sidereal month is 27d.322 days long. The Anomalistic Year, which spans two consecutive perihelion passes of the Earth, is 365d.26, or 4m 43s.5, longer than the sidereal year, although becoming longer at a quicker rate. Day v.