Zodiacal Parallels

Any two points in the Zodiac that are at the same declination are said to be in zodiacal parallel. Antiscions are pairs of antiscions that have the same declination, either north or south. Some earlier authorities thought both were equally effective, but most current authorities dismiss contra-antiscions and only consider those between two bodies in parallel on the same side of the Equator to have astrological importance. In the Primary System, the zodiacal parallel may be produced by direction, but in the Secondary System, it may be made via progression. To get the Sun to a near-parallel position: Find the number of days after the birthday in the ephemeris, i.e., the day on which the Sun reaches the desired declination for the planet, with this number of days equaling the interval in years at which the effect will become functional. Subtract the Sun's Right Ascension when it forms the parallel from the Sun's R.A. at birth, then convert this arc of direction to time at a rate of 1o each year and 5' each month.